Message from the President

Work with respect.
Work with gratitude.
Always challenge and try new things.
By adhering to these three aspirations, Global Industry will continue to grow.
When I founded my company, I had my first overseas business partner who supported me the most.
This company taught me that the most important thing is to work with respect and gratitude. I am still doing business with this company today, and they have been supporting their local customers for over 50 years. I also aim to keep the company going and growing for more than 50 years.
When I founded my company in 1992, the world was undergoing a major shift from internationalization to globalization, and the Internet was driving an information revolution that made it easier to do business across countries and regions.
The Internet has brought about an information revolution that has made it easier to do business across countries and regions. I have always had the desire to take advantage of this trend and provide customers with good products at satisfactory prices.
Since our founding, we have continued to work with domestic and overseas manufacturers on research and development, and by making full use of our accumulated experience and technological capabilities, we will continue to evolve and contribute to society by maximizing the use of the Internet to expand our business globally and manufacture and sell products that our customers want at prices that satisfy them.
To do this, we need to work with respect and gratitude. This respect and gratitude is not limited to the company itself, but also extends to our customers, business partners, and everyone who has a relationship with me.
I believe that by constantly challenging ourselves, trying out new changes, and evolving, Global Industry will continue to grow forever and contribute to our customers in Japan and overseas.
I look forward to your continued guidance and encouragement.

Masao Tamaki, President and Representative Director